Young Yolanda Yorgenson
Yolanda Yorgenson is a character in Dr. Seuss's ABC.


Yolanda Yorgenson has long, light orange, curly hair with two braids. In the book, she wore a navy blue/indigo skirt held by indigo suspenders, indigo blouse & shorts, and gray shoes.

In the Living Books version, she has orange hair. She now wears a indigo strapless jumper held by indigo suspenders, blue blouse, shorts, and black shoes.


Yolanda likes to yell and yodel a lot while standing on her pet yak who's yawning. In the Living Books version, she's very excited yet tired as well as her yak is. She likes to ride the humps that the Yak pops up on his back and enjoys pulling his tail at times.


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