Whales are marine mammals from "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


There are two kinds of whales:

Toothed includes whales that eat other animals, like orcas, sperm whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Baleen has blue whales, minke whales, fin`whales, and other whales that have baleen-like teeth.

Blue whales are the largest mammal, weighing between 300,000 and 360,000 pounds.


In Real Life

Whales are mammals that never leave the water. They breathe air, are warm blooded, and nurse their calves with milk. When a whale calf is born, it must get some fresh air or it dies. Whales breathe through blowholes on their heads. Whales have very little hair and a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm.

Gallery of Whales from the Franchise

  • Two Humpback Whales together
  • A humpback whale singing

Gallery of Real Whales

  • A humpback whale with her calf
  • A beluga
  • A blue whale
  • A bottlenose dolphin
  • A sperm whale
  • An orca (or killer whale)