I was amazed to grow my first TickleMe Plant and watch how the leaves folded like magic when you Tickle It!

Even the branches fall down!  I wonder of Dr. Seuss grew any because much to my surprise months later

my pet TickleMe Plant Grew Flowers that look exactly like a Truffula Tree!!

Is it a TickleMe Plant Flower or a Truffula Tree?

The leaves are moving! How can this be!

Both are magical  to me. Yes magical - For sure! Yes indeed!

'I can't wait to grow my own TickleMe Plant From Seeds!

Grow A TickleMe Plant

TickleMe Plant flowers

Doesn't the TickleMe Plant Flower look like a Tuffula Tree?

120px-TickleMe Plant GIF for banner

Did you know that the leaves of the TickleMe Plant fold together like magic when you Tickle them!

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