The Who Family are the main Whos in How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical.


Grandpa Who

Grandpa is a strict and grumpy old Who. He is married to Grandma Who and is the father of Mama Who and Auntie Who. He's also the grandpa of Boo, Danny, Annie, Betty Lou, Scallop, Bootsie, and Cindy Lou.

Grandma Who

Grandma is a goofy old Who who is married to Grandpa. She is the mother of Mama and Auntie and gas many grandchildren including Boo, Cindy Lou, Danny, Scallop, and more.

Papa Who

Papa is a wise and cheerful Who and is married to Mama. His childrew are Annie, Betty, Danny, Boo, and Cindy Lou.

Mama Who

Mama is a comedic and motherly character who cares for Boo, Danny, Cindy, Betty, and Annie. Her neisses are Scallop and Bootsie. Also, she is the daughter of Grandma and Grandpa.

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