These are the creators who helped put the project together.


Random House, Inc.

Executive Producer 

Sharon Lerner


Tish Rabe

Anne Kolozsvary

Project Manager

Linda Morgenstern

Art Director

Cathy Goldsmith

For Praxis Media, Inc

Executive Producers

Ron Nicodemus 

Chris Campbell


Ken Hoin

Raymond Messecar

Production Designer

Craig Rogers

Raymond Messecar

Music Composer/Arranger

Nick Hubbell

Rich DeRosa

Art Director

Dorria Marsh

Videotape Editor

James P. Lockridge

AJ Maiorano

David F Russell

Peter Ringer

Ralph Biesemeyer

Additional Editing

Dave Russell


Randy Broady

David F. Russell

Narration Recorded & Edited by

Lennie Stea

Blain and DeRosa Inc.

Paintbox Artist

Don Novak

Robert Hill

Electronic Graphics

Kell Hayes

Maureen Connelly

Vidifont Programmer

Tracey Marble

Cutout & Layout Artists

Anne Lynch

Stacey Neri

Wendy Nicodemus

Karen Fremuth

Unit Manager

Cecil Daniels

Production Facilities

Palace Prodution Center in South Norwalk, Connecticut

A Production of

Praxis Media, Inc at South Norwalk. Connecticut and Random House Home Video

For Green Light Media

Executive Producer

Ray Messecar

Art Director/Coordinator

Anne Lynch

Director of Operations

Carol Ann Messecar

Cut-Out Artist

Karen Fremuth

Paintbox Artist

Linda Griffin

Production Assistants

Lorri Deschamps

Joanne Lombardi

Post Production Facility

Broadway Video


Ralph Scaglione

Assistant Editors

Gil Coutin

Lyle Karlin

Electronic Graphics

Gil Coutin

Animation Camera

James Stonaker

Miklos Wright

Technical Consultant

Peter Rudoy

Narration Recording/Editing/Mixing

Andrea Jacquemin Recording London, England

Audio Mix

Acme Recording, Inc. Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Music by

Roy Markowitz

Myles Chase

Video Designed and Directed By

Ray Messecar

A Production of

Green Light Media, Inc. and Random House Home Video