Im am the master of everyone's ears
A song from The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat that is sung by The Grinch Who uses his Vaccuum Sound Sweeper to changes the voices of people and animals.

(Grinch laughs evilly and says to the cat) From now on you will hear what I want you to hear.

Grinch: On again, Off again. Make the sound cough again. I am the boss of what everyone hears,

The sound of your voice is the sound of my choice I am the Master of Everyone's Ears!

With the flick of my thumb, with the greatest of ease.

If I wish I can stop off the buzzing of bees.

And as for your love birds, I can't stand their chirping.

So I just push my button, you love birds start burping!

The sounds that you make are the sounds of my choice,

I can make you sound better or make you sound worse!

When your bull goes out hooing, There'll be no more mooing.

When I with yo hear Moos, I can hear them from yous!

The Cat in the Hat: Not from me- "Cow sound effect by the Vacule Sound Sweeper"

Grinch: I can fuzzle the sound of what everyone hears Im the puzzle a Master of everyone's ears! Ha-Haa!!!

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