Little Cats A, B, and C in the Jim Henson series.

The Little Cats from A to Z are helpers of The Cat in the Hat.

They help him clean up spots and also keep on making messes with snow spots and need help, too. The last cat named Little Cat Z is so tiny yet so impossible see. This cat has the VOOM on his head and in his hat, and the VOOM helps the Cat in the Hat and his Little Cats clean up the snow and it blows all the Little Cats back inside the Cat's hat.

On The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, The Little Cats also appeared and were portrayed by Kathy Mullen, Stevie D'Abruzzo and John Kennedy. And they were introduced in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. According to the text in the book, Little Cats A, B, C, G, V, and Z are all male. It's unknown if any of the other Little Cats are actually female. They appear in the the first and second seasons.

The little cats are diminutive dopplegangers for the cat himself and act as his cheerful helpers. Each cat is successively smaller than his predecessor and is labeled alphabetically. Little Cats A, B, and C are the most prominent of the group, though other alphabetized cats have been seen on occasion. The most notable of the rest is Little Cat Z, the smallest of all, who, in The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, possesses a hipster quality, muttering "Zip zap" and the like. Little Cat Fleep, a character from that same show, appeared in the episode Talkin' with the Cat.

In The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Little Cat A was performed by Kathryn Mullen during the first season and by Leslie Carrara during the second season. Stephanie D'Abruzzo and John Kennedy portrayed Little Cats B and C, respectively, throughout the show's run, and other puppeteers (including Pam Arciero and Anthony Asbury) portrayed the other cats as needed. Also, the other 23 little cats only appeared in Season 2, at the Cat's playhouse. However, the only ones out of the 23 who actually appeared in the show are Little Cats F, G, N, P, S, and Z. Little Cat F (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) appeared in . Little Cat G (Bob West) appeared in . Little Cat N (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) appeared in The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act when the big Cat called for him/her ("N is for Neat"). Little Cat P (Tim Lagasse) appeared inThe Sounds All Around, The Cat in the Hat Gets a Package and Talkin' with the Cat, filling in for B. Little Cat S (Stephanie D'Abruzzo) appeared in The Sounds All Around. Little Cat Z (Anthony Asbury) appeared in more episodes than the others. These included The Sounds All AroundMake Yourself at HomeThe Cat in the Hat Gets a PackageThe Cat in the Hat Builds a Door-A-Matic, and There Is Nothing To Fear In Here.

In The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That! episode special "Camping", it turns out that the Little cats are revealed to be The Cat in the Hat's cousins, but only in this continuation.