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Published: 1958
Author: Theodor Geisel
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The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is a book written by Dr. Seuss.

The Cat in the Hat made a return appearance in this 1958 sequel. Once again, the mother has left Sally and her brother Conrad alone for the day, but this time, they are instructed to clear away a huge amount of snow while she is out. While they are working, the cat turns up and snacks on a cake in the bathtub with the water running, and leaves a pink residue. Preliminary attempts to clean it up fail as they only transfer the mess elsewhere, including a dress, the wall, a pair of ten dollar shoes, a rug, the bed, and then eventually outside. The cat reveals that Little Cat A is nested inside his hat. Little Cat A doffs his hat to reveal Little Cat B, who reveals C, and so on. A "spot killing" war then takes place between the mess and Little Cats A through V, who use an arsenal of primitive weapons including pop guns, bats, and a lawnmower. Unfortunately, the initial battle to rid the mess only makes it into an entire yard-covering spot. Little Cats V, W, X, and Y then take off their hats to uncover microscopic Little Cat Z. Z takes his hat off and unleashes a "Voom", which cleans up the back yard and puts all of the other Little Cats back into the big Cat in the Hat's hat. The cat leaves, with the promise he will return some day if the kids have spots again, and bring all his little cats back.

The book ends in a burst of flamboyant versification, with the full list of little cats arranged into a metrically-perfect rhymed quatrain, designed to teach the reader the alphabet.

Little Cats A, B and C were also characters in the 1996 TV series The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss (Little Cat N also made an appearance, but only once and some of the alphabetical cats appeared in Season 2 regularly as Little Cat Z began to be visible).

The Cat in The Hat Comes Back was part of the Beginner Book Video series along with There's a Wocket in my Pocket! and Fox in Socks.

Oceanhouse Media published this book to be used as an app on Iphones, Ipod touch, Ipad and android apps.

Goofs, Errors and Corrections and Differences

  • On page 3 of the book, the smoke coming from the chimney of Sally and Conrad's house is white, but in the video the smoke from the chimney was black.
  • You will also notice that the snow from Conrad's shovel is not in mid air as it was in the book, but laying in a pile of snow.
  • The tree where the bird sits at as been colored in due to being cut from the page of the book and the same tree had to be used to replace the tree in page 5 of the book.
  • The top of the house on pages 4 and 5 was cut off from the book so the random house workers had to color in the rest of it and as you can see the snow was different from the first page, second of all, Sally and Conrad were moved up a bit to fill in a few spots on where the text of the page was on the same page.
  • When the Cat in the hat made is appearance, the some more snow was added in the background of the video due to their being less snow in the book on page 6. And the angle of the cat was faced straight and not looking up.
  • On page 8-9 in the book, the cat sled to the right and left and into the house but in the video he surpassed Conrad and he went in and the angle of Sally was rotated to the left a bit looking at the sky but, in the book she was faced up looking at the cat. You will also notice that the divit they were working in is closer in the video but a few steps away in the book.
  • For some odd reason in the video where the cat was in the bathtub you might notice that his hat has been replaced with the same hat he wore on page 6 but, worn backwards.
  • In the video where Conrad gets mad at the cat he is 1 step away from the spot he was normally stepping on in the book while standing on the bathtub, and in the video when Conrad said "I must go back and dig" the water handle dissapear.
  • In the video where Conrad notices the ring, he has been moved a tad bit from the spot he was standing on in page 14-15, plus the water handle and the facet was missing and the cat was a tab bit closer.
  • The faucet has been replaced in the video of page 16.
  • In the video of page 20 the cat's hat was missing two stripes red and white and was forgotten to be colored in, but the curtains of the window were colored in where you see Sally standing outside.
  • The room where Conrad leaves on page 24, the door way is a tad bit smaller in the video and it seems as if Sally's head is in the house through the window but in the book she was outside. It also seems like the cat is a bit more bigger while sliding the shoes on the rug but Conrad is smaller while leaving the room seeing the rug spots.
  • The correction on page 26 of the book and video, is where Conrad was taken from page 24 and put into page 26 until when the cat pulls the rug, then the layer of Conrad switches to where he is seen slipping on the floor.
  • Conrad from page 18 was taken to replace himself being put on page 28 due to the body being cut off in the book.
  • In Page 30-31, you will notice that the scenery has been cut short, Sally who comes in the door is a bit 4 steps closer to the cat and Conrad and Cat are near the bed, and the bed has been drawn and colored in from being cut from the book.
  • In page 32-33 the cats hat from page 6 is used again but backwards, then as he takes it off the two stripes red and white are missing, nothing compared to how the hat looked in the book and the background from page 31 to 37 was still being used. You can still see the door from where Sally came in and Cat A's hat is drawn in on his head before being taken off.
  • In the Video Cat A was taken from page 37 and put onto page 38 to the video due to the layer that was currently on page 38 being cut off and the bed is once again colored and drawn in. Also, you will notice that the sencery was cut short cause you will notice the door is more closer to the electrical socket but you dont see the outside being shown. Sally and Conrad are 6 steps away from being by the bed. You won't see the Cat in the Hat in this scenery due to being cut off at page 39 and little cat C is 3 steps away from where he was normal standing at.
  • In the video, Conrad and Sally's pants were drawn in on page 40-41 and the Little Cats A, B and C, are 2 steps from where they were normally standing as they were looking outside thinking and you wont see that cat in the hat in this scene like you did in the book.
  • In page 43 of the video of the book Cat C has been slightly moved from his spot he was normally standing in and the Cat in the Hat and his cats A and B were cut off from the page.
  • In page 43 when Cat G appeared he was slanted to the left but in the book he was standing straight up.
  • Cat A was taken from page 33 and Cat B was taken from page 35 to be put on page 42 to the video. and Conrad and Sally's sweater was drawn in.
  • The Cat's hat was taken from page 9 to replace the hat that was cut off from page 44, and the door to the red house was drawn in but the cat's tail was missing due to being cut from the page in the video. and more snow has been added to the scenery and the top of the house.
  • On page 47 of the video and book, notice that the cat's hat was once again cut off from the page, so the top of the hat from page 29 was used to be put on page 47, second of all the cat isn't leaning on the snow like he did in the book but, it looked like he was going to sit on the snow instead. You can also see that the red house is missing. A little cat which might appear to be Cat G is more closer to the Cat in the hat then he was in the book and cat C and possibly Cat F are moved up closer but it seems that Cat E was missing from the middle cause in the book you will see him throwing up a snow ball.
  • Cats S, T,U and V were too small to see on the video but visible in the book on page 49.
  • The differences on page 50 and 51 between the book and the video, are where the Cat's body has been drawn and colored in, Conrad from page 18 is used again behind the Cat because in the book Conrad was standing behind him but was cut off a little plus, both Conrad and the Cat in the hat are brought in closer pass the dead tree to the right where the bird was standing, Cat A ,Cat B and a few little cats were brought in up and closer to the pink snow man and the house due to the text of the book being erased, more snow added to the scene and the tiny cats N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V, are missing, not in their spot like they were in the book. It is unknown where Sally was at this time, maybe she might have been behind Conrad in the book but cut off because in some copies of the Dr. Seuss Books the scenery may or may not be zoomed in.
  • Page 52-53, was edited a lot. Due to the text of the book being erased, the bird and dead tree covered in pink snow, the Cat in the Hat, Conrad, Sally and the little cats have all been moved more closer and the red house that was on the page in the book is missing in the video.
  • In page 53-54, the Cat in the Hat's legs are drawn in, Cat B's body was left cut from the page but all blackened while drawn in and standing on nothing, Cat A's body was drawn in and the few little cats have been moved from the cut parts of the page and are place in the snow and Cat A is 3 steps closer to Sally and Conrad.
  • Page 55-56 was seen a little bit viewing the cat holding his finger that happens to have tiny Cat Z on his one finger then the scene goes back to pages 53-54 and back to 55-56.
  • Page 57-58 on the VOOM scene, the the Voom swirly blazing lights are moving as the word VOOM is there tho caught in between blinking out and in and then the words zoomed forward leaving the scene. The scene then goes to Sally and Conrad from page 53-54 then later the whole scene goes white.
  • On page 59-60 of the video, the bird on the dead tree is brought in closer from its spot in the book and Cat, Sally and Conrad are more closer ins the walkway to the house than being on the driveway of the road.
  • On the Last page (61-62) of the video and book you will see Conrad and Sally's pants in the scenery due to them being cut off from the page.and the Cat from page 6 has been used once more to replace the cat whose hand's were cut from the book leaving the house. The only difference is that the cat's snow skis are gone, indicating that he left them in the house.
  • You will see the bold and bigger letters of the alphabet being posted on screen but without the words "and".
  • At the end of the paper backing was used. The curtain to close the window where the Cat in the Hat was standing outside has been drawn in and as soon as the curtain closes the window, the words "The End" appear, ending this book.


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