Sweep Up the Memories - YouTube

Sweep Up the Memories is a song that only appeared in the 1971 cartoon, The Cat in the Hat.


The Cat in the Hat: Sweep, Sweep up the memories. Those old, untidy memories. Broken, mixed-up memories. Of what we had one day.
The Fish: She's passing Mrs. Thompson's house
The Cat in the Hat: Sweep, Sweep out the nonsense. That crazy happy nonsense. This world's too old for nonsense. Sweep, just sweep it all away.
The Fish: Here she is coming up the drive way.
The Cat in the Hat:Everything's in a state of grace. Everything's back in its proper place. No more rainbows for us to chase. No more games to play.
The Fish: The garage door's open she's inside the garage.
The Cat in the Hat:Sweep, Sweep out the laughter. There's no more time for laughter. At least, not until after I come back.
The Fish: Now, she's getting her groceries out of the car.
The Cat in the Hat:And you know.
The Fish: Here she comes.
The Cat in the Hat:I just may.

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