Sharon Lerner is an author, producer, lyricist and writer known for producing and voicing various characters in animated adaptation's of Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video. She served asCTW VP and Creative Director for all Sesame Street toys, books and records for a decade.

In the late 80s and the early 90s, she has participated and became the Executive Producer for Random House and helped create the project of animating Dr Seuss books. She has produced Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video/Video Classics, P.D. Eastman Beginner Book Video, and Stan and Jan Berenstain Beginner Book Videos.

About Sharon

Sharon Lerner has served as CTW VP and Creative Director for all Sesame Street toys, books and records for 10 years.

Lerner was one of the first ten people hired at Children's Television Workshop, originally as an educator and researcher and eventually joining the products group to create Sesame Street products.

Lerner was immortalized in The Sesame Street Dictionaryunder the entry for "unusual," as drawn by Joe Mathieu. She is the author of many Sesame Street books, including Big Bird's Busy Book(1975), Big Bird's Copycat Day (1984), Big Bird Says... (1985) and Follow the Monsters! (1985).

Lerner currently writes children's books for Random House, including a 2009 retelling of Black Beauty. Lerner also writes political satire songs with Emily Kingsley for a cabaret in New York City.


The Tooth Book: Pam the Clam and Hilda Hen.

Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe You Should Be a Vet!: Floweriest Woman, Fortune Teller, and Lion Tamer Lady.

Go, Dog. Go!: Poodle dog lady wearing hats, Green Bird crossing the street, and Yellow Dog with a fan.