Silly Sammy Slick
Sammy Slick is a silly character who appears in Dr. Seuss's ABC. He was seen getting sick after sipping six cups of regular soda.

In the living books version he pushes 5 of the sodas away when he realizes how sick he was getting. He is so silly that he drinks soda twirling around and looking upside down and getting his own arms tangled, then he stands on his left arm still sipping his soda.

He slicks his hair back with a comb but then it goes back to being shaggy like again. He has a sister that scowled and scolded at him for drinking too many sodas she was shocked at him for being selfish. She wanted a soda too but Sammy slurped them all. His sister walks off disappointed as he said that he should've share with her.

Sammy his sucked when he sees his sodas come to life counting each other then later singing a song that Icabod and Izzy enjoyed. Some of the one of the soda cups is doing samba another is sleeping and snoring. The next soda cup squirts soda at the other. Izzy tells the two soda cups to stop squirting soda because they got her all sticky. Sammy Izzy and Icabod notice a Zed skating skillfully on the table.


Sammy has pink skin, purple hair, and a purple and pink sweater.

In the Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Video version of the book, his face turns from a normal coloring turning from light green to green to dark green as he gets sick by the sugar in the regular soda.


IMG 2947

Sammy Gets Sick

IMG 2948

Sammy Doing a Handstand

IMG 2949

Sammy Looking Cool

IMG 2950

Sammy Burping

IMG 2951

Sammy Gets a Tummy Ache