Performer: Amy Poehler
Appeared in: Horton Hears a Who!

Sally O'Malley is Ned McDodd's wife and mother to 97 children.


Sally is the Mayor's wife and mother of 96 daughters and 1 son named JoJo. With all of these children, Sally's responsibilities dwarf even those of her husband...and he's the Mayor of Who-ville. Still, she's able to juggle them with the grace of a first lady and the humor of a late night talk show host. The last thing she needs is another problem child with an overactive imagination, but when her husband starts hearing voices, that's exactly what she gets. It's a situation even her sharp wit and pointed sarcasm can't defuse, but when the truth is revealed, she's willing to give it her all to help her husband save Who-ville.


Sally has striped orange and yellow fur, and orange eyes. Her brown hair is in a rather tall ponytail style at the top of her head.



Sally o malley by 08newmanb-d6uzkzu

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