Remember your mother
Remember your Mother is the beautiful song from the animated television special, The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat sung by The Cat in the Hat and the Employees, Managers, Customers and the music performed by a 3 piece band from a un-named restaurant. The Cat in the Hat has finally had enough of the Grinch's horrible antics in ruining his and other people's lives.

After he has finally had an idea on what to do, he takes the people from the restaurant with him so they can put a stop the the Grinch's bad Grinchy tricks by singing a song to help the Grinch remember his mother who does not approve of her son (The Grinch) becoming evil and doing bad things to others and the Cat himself leads the song and direct the choir.


Oh soften your heart, remember your mother,
and everyone even a Grinch had a mother
who taught me bout love between one and another.
Oh, remember your mother you mothers warm arms as she held you.
Remember your sweet mothers eyes, She'd adore you.
Remember how hard mother worked to afford you?
How she patted your cheeks while you sat on her knees?
Oh, remember your wonderful Grinch mother, please?


Wherever she's now her eyes are still looking
Looking down on at you and wondering what's cooking
Deep down in your brain, must you give her more pain?
Please soften your heart make mom happy again.

Bass singer:
Bum...Bum...Bumm.. Waahhh...