Rattlesnakes are snakes found in "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


Rattlesnakes are slender and tan. When they're born, they're born alive unlike other snakes, and they don't have rattles. Everytime a rattler sheds its skin, it grows a rattle on its tail.


In Real Life

Rattlesnakes love to eat rodents and birds. When a rattlesnake catches a bird in its venom, it hangs on so the bird won't get away. Rattlesnakes bite only if they get frightened or stepped on.

Gallery of Rattlesnakes from the TV Show

  • Slide, the rattlesnake
  • A rattlesnake warning a lion to stay away.
  • A rattlesnake rattling her tail
  • A rattler in shade

Gallery of Real Rattlers

  • A rattlesnake with its tongue out to smell things around it
  • A rattlesnake with its mouth wide open
  • A rattlensnake about ready to strike