Scrambled Eggs Super!149
Kingdom: Dr. Seuss Animalia
Kind: Birds
Overclass: {{{Overclass}}}
Class: Big billed birds
Order: Thickbills
Family: Small Thickbills
Genus: Pelf
Pelfus pelf

The Pelf is a strange bird from the Dr. Seuss Book Scrambled Eggs Super!

The Type of egg She lays is twice as big as she is. Peter T. Hooper took the egg from her by climbing up the walls with no harness at all which seemed dangerous actually, then in the video after he climbs up, he is then seen by her nest looking at the bird wondering how she does that wonderful trick, then he smiles at the viewers and takes her egg quick. and as soon as the egg is gone, the Pelf falls on her behind on the nest once she opens her eyes realizing her egg is gone.

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