Sex and Nudity

Betty and Lou kiss.


Cindy and the sleigh almost falls of the cliff. There are toys, candy canes, 100 Christmas tress, etc. This can be frightening.

The Grinch puts the tree on fire. Meanwhile, its burning could scare children ages 1–5.

Profanity and Obscene Phrases

The Grinch says Pucker up and kiss it, Whoville!

The Grinch says The sun is bright and the powder's *****in'!

Go to hell is uttered by Lou.

Alcohol and Smoking

The Grinch takes on alcohol by drinking a Who's beer before setting on fire.

Frightening and Intense Scenes

The scene where 8-year-old Martha sobs about the Grinch's present a freaking angel could be intense for young viewers.

The Grinch himself does scary things like setting the tree on fire, yelling I hate you! at the Whos. This is disturbing and frightening for some viewers.

Cindy and the sleigh almost falls off Mount Crumpit.

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