Horton Hears a Who- Mrs. Toucanella Told Me (English) - YouTube

Mrs. Toucanella Told Me is a song that is sung in the 1970 cartoon, Horton Hears a Who!.


Glasses Bird: This is highly confidential; this is just between us two,

but Mrs. Toucanella told me Horton's talking to a who.

Big Hair Bird: (spoken) A who!?! Who's a who?

Glasses Bird: Well, my dear, that's just the point: there isn't any who;

Horton's brain is out of joint.

Big Hair Bird: (spoken) For goodness sake -- A Who?

Blue Bird with Yellow Hair: Now, I know you won't repeat this. Strictly entre nous, of course.

But Mrs. Tessie Toucanella is an unimpeachable source.

And she says irrefutably - it's indubitably a fact...
Horton's schizo-witsa-fistic.
Baby Bird: In other words, he's cracked.
Blue Bird with Yellow Hair: (spoken) He ought to be psycho-wangwalized.
Glasses Bird: (spoken) Oh no. Psycho-o-analysis is too expensive for an elephant. I hear they charge by the pound.
(Mrs Toucanella whispers inaudibly)
Pink and Purple Bird: (spoken) Mrs. Toucanella said... (Mrs Toucanella keeps whispering, she speaks her line again) Mrs. Toucanella said...
Orange Bird with Crazy Neck: Undoubtedly, it all goes back to some heredity trait.
Nightgown Bird: I've been reading quite a bit - about heredity of late.
Green Hair Bird: And the Uncle of Horton's cousin--
Red, Round Hair Bird: --was an elephant named Nate.
Tallest Chick: Who had such grand illusions--
Second-Tallest Chick: ---and confusions,
Second-Shortest Chick:---aberrations,
Shortest Chick:---and contusions...
Orange Bird with Crazy Neck- and he believed he was the father in law of Catherine the Great.
Green Hair Bird: (spoken): Mrs. Toucanella told me that he's giddy as a kid.
Orange Bird with Crazy Neck: (spoken) Mrs. Toucanella told me he's knitty as a mid.
(the birds talk inaudibly to each other)
Big Hair Bird: (spoken) Horton's flipped his lid!
Glasses Bird: Mrs. Toucanella told me that he's manic and depressive,
Red, Round Hair Bird: retrogressive and recessive---
Tallest Chick: ---and progressively---
Second-Tallest Chick: ---excessively,
Second-Shortest Chick:--possessively,
Shortest Chick: ---oppressively acquessive.
Big Hair Bird: (spoken)
Mrs. Toucanella said THAT!?!
Well my dears, if that's the case - This neighborhood's degenerating into a most unwholesome place!
Glasses Bird: (spoken) With demented elephants, yet.
All: (spoken): We're going to get away from here as fast as we can get!