A man named mr brown
Mr. Brown is a Character from Dr. Seuss's Book "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?"

As he was walking outside one day he happens to see a Cow and he imitates the Cow's noise, he realizes he can do many other wonderful things by imitating sounds.

Sounds Imitated

  • Cow
  • Bees
  • Cork popping off a soda bottle
  • Horse Klopping feet
  • Squeaky shoe
  • Rooster crowing
  • Owl hooing
  • Train going choo choo
  • Sound of Rain
  • Butterfly whisper
  • Big Tuba horn
  • Big Cat Drinking
  • Sound of a clock
  • The sound of a door being knocked
  • The sound of an egg being scrambled in a frying pan
  • Hippopotamus chewing gum
  • Fish kissing
  • The sound of thunder clapping and lightening
  • Snoring turtles on a log
  • Van going vroom vroom
  • Car sound
  • Birds tweeting in a tree
  • Snake hissing
  • Frog croaking
  • Guitar sound