Mr. Brown is a Character from Dr. Seuss's Book "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?"

As he was walking outside one day he happens to see a Cow and he imitates the Cow's noise, he realizes he can do many other wonderful things by imitating sounds and noises.

He does not appear to be Mr. Brown from Hop on Pop.

Sounds Imitated

  • Cow
  • Bees
  • Cork popping off a soda bottle
  • Horse Klopping feet
  • Squeaky shoe
  • Rooster crowing
  • Owl hooing
  • Train going choo choo
  • Sound of Rain
  • Butterfly whisper
  • Big Tuba horn
  • Big Cat Drinking
  • Sound of a clock
  • The sound of a door being knocked
  • The sound of an egg being scrambled in a frying pan
  • Hippopotamus chewing gum
  • Fish kissing
  • The sound of thunder clapping and lightening
  • Snoring turtles on a log
  • Van going vroom vroom
  • Car sound
  • Birds tweeting in a tree
  • Snake hissing
  • Frog croaking
  • Guitar sound