Morton the Mouse
Morton the Mouse
is Horton's best friend in the Jungle of Nool. He doesn't believe Horton's story, but still attempts to help Horton on many occasions.he the voice of Seth Rogen
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Morton is shown to be level headed and loyal as he tries to encourage Horton to keep the clover carrying the speck with Whoville to himself, but when he asks Horton to rid himself of it, he reluctantly agrees to Horton's dedication to keep it safe and when the animals begin to believe Kangaroo's story of Horton bringing anarchy to the jungle, Morton is the only animal who doubts it an runs to warn Horton about the mob.


Abilities and Powers



He has the same name of Horton's elephant bird son who hatched from an egg of a lazy bird named Mayzie's now Horton's.

He's Is Not In The Horton Hears A Who Book

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