In this world
A song from The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat where The Cat in the Hat sings about positivity and relaxation to himself while going back home after The Grinch bothers him.


The Cat in the Hat: (Talking) Phew! Relax.

In this world, a complecitus complicatation. In this world, a peculitous posilization.

In this world, a redonkulous rufuelization, there comes a time for.... relaaaaax...if occasion.

Your life's full of bolders but shrug your sh-olders just shrug your sh-ol-ders..... Reeeeelax.

In this world, a comple- (The Grinch interferes with his song of positivity using the "Accoustical Anti-Audio Bleeper" or "Vaccuum Sound Sweeper" of But the cat blows if off like it's nothing)

In this world, peculi- (The Grinch messes up his sound again) In this world- (The Grinch continues ruining his song)

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