After being bothered several times by Sam-I-am, Joey finally gives into trying Green Eggs and Ham. When he tastes it, the flavor of the meal he thought was terrible was better than he expected.

He Will eat them


Joey speaking: I like Green Eggs and Ham! I do! I like them Sam-I-am!

Joey singing: ...and I will eat them in a boat,

and I will eat them with a goat,

and I will eat them in the rain,

and in the dark and on the train,

and in a car and in a tree,

they are so good so good you see.

So I will eat them in a box,

and I will eat them with a fox-

(Joey's song got cut a little short as the fox who was being chased by dogs arrives and does his musical number continuing where Joey left of and the dogs who chased him and a goat and the mouse joins him in song)

Fox: He will eat them in a box,

and he will eat them with a fox,

Fox, goat and dogs: and he will in them in a house,

(the mouse joins in) and he will eat them with a mouse,

and he will eat or there!

Say, he will eat them ...anywhere!!!!!!

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