Did i ever tell you how lucky you are111

The Hawtch Hawtcher is a bee watcher from the village called Hawtch-Hawtch. His job is to watch a bee all day as the bee does his job in being a bee getting nectar from a flower to make honey possibly. However as hours pass as he watches the bee, the bee didn't put all the bee could into it so someone sent a second Hawtch Hawtcher to watch the first Hawtch Hawtcher how ever the second Hawtch Hawtcher didn't watch after the 1st Hawtch Hawtcher well. So another 3rd Hawtch Hawtcher came to be on the watch. and so fourth, more Hawtchers came watching on Watch-Watcher-Watchering-Watch, Watch-Watching the Watcher who is watching the bee and how unlucky for them all to stand there all day watching each other.


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