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Green Eggs and Ham is a book by Dr. Seuss. It was first published in 1960 and as of 2001 was the fourth-best-selling English language children's book of all time.[1]


Sam I Am wants the Grouchy guy to taste some green eggs and ham. He refuses many, many times, until finally, trapped with no other alternative, he tries a bite, and realizes he does, in fact, like the aforementioned dish.


  • This book features a persistent, self centered fellow and an annoying counterpart to him, "a theme which would be continued in Fox in Socks and It might be Knox!".
  • A rumor says that a Dr. Seuss's Publisher, Bennett Cerf, wagered that Seuss could not make a book in under fifty words. The result became this book.
  • This book was made into an animated TV special in 1973 in the TV movie Dr. Seuss on the Loose with Paul Winchell as both Sam-I-Am and the Grouchy Guy.
  • This book was featured in a movie titled I am Sam (2001), directed by Jessie Nelson, and starred by: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfieffer, and Dakota Fanning. The character Sam loves reading this book.
  • In two Cartoon Network shows, Johnny Bravo and Dexter's Laboratory, they both have Green Eggs and Ham references.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Just One Bite" parodies the plot of this book.
  • In Horton Hears a Who, The McDodd family is shown eating green eggs and ham for breakfast.
  • Oceanhouse Media published this book to be used as an app on Iphones, Ipod touch, Ipad and android apps.

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