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Grammy Norma is one of the main characters in the film, The Lorax, voiced by Betty White. She is the mother of Mrs. Wiggins, and the grandmother of Ted. She is the person who tells Ted to see the Once-ler, but it's never revealed how and why she knows.

Grammy Norma, despite her age, is vibrant, silly, and perhaps crazy. She has a trickster side to her, and is very athletic as she was shown to snowboard in the movie. She is also brave and unafraid to speak her mind against people of power like Mr. O'Hare.


Due to the fact that we never know how Norma knows about the Once-ler, or even what happened to the forest, a common theory by fans is that she has some sort of unseen past with the Once-Ler.

  • One theory is that Grammy Norma was the little girl who threw the tomato at him.
  • Another theory is that she was the nerdy girl who the Once-ler threw the Thneed at.
  • It is also possible that she had perhaps had an unknown type of relationship with the Once-ler at one point in time. Because if you look very closely in one scene during the movie, you can see a picture of a woman that greatly resembles Mrs. Wiggins. The picture itself could possibly be a photo of Grammy Norma when she was younger. Though it is also possible that perhaps Grammy Norma is also a relative of the Once-ler.
  • The most popular theory of them all is that she was originally written as the Once-ler's love interest turned girlfriend, who left him at the end of his story. She would first appear after Once-Ler's fifth or sixth day of failure, under the name Jeannie Chapman, the first part being a nickname for Norma Jean, and she'd not only feel bad for him and how bad his business, but she would also be the one would bought his Thneed for $5 (keep the change), and she'd also join him after the Thneed became successful, so she would have also known the Lorax and his forest friends as well. She would also somehow support him and his business. But after the Truffula forest became a wasteland, she too would realize their mistake. After which, she'd leave him, but kept her Thneed and memories of him, and then met Ted's grandfather. Of course, we wouldn't learn they're the same person until the end when he goes to visit him. There's tons of fan art involving this belief that feature the Once-ler and Norma in either their young or old ages.
  • Grammy Norma is among the characters created for the movie.
  • Grammy Norma is often mistaken by the name Granny Norma. However, the latter should not be mentioned.
  • Grammy Norma is currently one of the most popular 'The Lorax' characters due to her famous lyric in Let it Grow:

"I'm Grammy Norma, I'm old and I've got gray hair! But I remember when trees were everywhere!" Her popularity can be tied to memes relating to this movie.

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