Fun, Fun, Fun is one of the songs from the The Cat in the Hat series. It is featured in the 2003 adaption.


First verse

♪ There was this cat I knew back home where I was bred
He never listened to a single thing his mother said
He never used the litter box, he made a mess in the halls
That's why they sent him to a vet to cut off both his ba...
Ba... Ba... Boy!

♪ That wasn't fun, fun, fun; he never learns
You can have fun, fun, fun, but less is more
They may ship you off to school so reign it in a little
We can't spell "fun" without "U" in the middle

Second verse (deleted from the theatrical version but featured on the soundtrack)

♪ There was this high strung cat, who’s what she knew it all
The way she scheduled out her day could drive you up the wall
She liked to be the teacher's pet, always the head of the class
It took a ton of TNT to kill the bug up her a...
A... A... Ask me!

♪ Was she fun, fun, fun? Not a chance;
You can’t have fun, fun, fun, if you’re uptight
So loosen up and lose this list; life isn’t such a riddle
You can’t spell “fun” without “U” in the middle

Third verse

♪ You can juggle, work and play, but you have to know the way
You can keep afloat a wish like the way I do this fish
You can be a happy fella; someone throw me an umbrella
And that rake; that cake! Life’s what you make it

♪ So have fun, fun, fun! Go insane
And have some fun, fun, fun! Just look at me!
Fun, fun, fun! No more rain!
Look, it’s the sun, sun, sun! So can’t you see?

♪ I’m as happy as a clam, I’m as fit as a fiddle
Yeah, the dogs may bark about you
And the purebred cats may doubt you

(Spoken) Milk? Big mistake!
But remember this: you can’t have fun without “U”...

(Spoken) I knew that milk would come back to haunt me!

(Belches loudly)
"U" in the middle! ♪


  • The Cat almost said the swear words "balls" and "ass", which he avoided and continued the song with "boy" and "ask me".