Foxes are animals found in "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That".


There are lots of different kinds of foxes, from the 30 pound red fox, and the 3.5 pound fennec fox, to the 20 pound arctic fox, and the 55 cm long bat-eared fox.


In the Real World

Foxes are animals that mainly live in pairs. Their favorite foods are insects, young ungulates, rodents, and rabbits. Foxes are not endangered, but they often sneak into farms and houses to hunt livestock: geese, chickens, lambs, and cats.

Gallery of Foxes from the Franchise

  • A red fox running

Gallery of Real Foxes

  • A Red Fox eating a Chicken
  • A pack of Simian foxes
  • Two Red Foxes
  • A Red Fox with goose prey
  • A Red Fox about to catch a rabbit
  • A Red Fox raiding a chicken nest
  • A Red Fox about to bite a rat
  • A Red Fox vs a lamb

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