Thats alot of rot!
Did you is a song from The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat that is sung by The Cat in the Hat as he gives The Grinch therapy in his imagination thoughts.


The Cat In the Hat (speaking): Ooooohh that Grinch! That Grinch! That phsycopathic Grinch! Why is a Grinch? What makes him tick? Why is his Grinch brain sick sick sick? Oh Boy If I had a psychiatrist's couch, I'd find out whats wrong with that Grinchy Grouch.

Grinch (speaking): That's a lot of rot!

The Cat in the Hat (singing): Is there something in your family tree that causes grinch galenquency?

Grinch (speaking): Absolutely not.

The Cat in the Hat (singing): As a boy where you never a good boy scout?

Did you ever eat too much sauerkraut?

Did your school teachers say that you were a fool?

Did you dive in an empty swimming pool?

Grinch (speaking): Positively not!

The Cat in the Hat (singing): Did you fight a lot with your older sisters?

Did you suffer from poison ivy blisters?

The shoes that you wore, where they too tight?

Were you afraid to go out in the dark at night?

Did some big bully steal your kite?

Your teeth? Was there something wrong with you bike?

Or maybe your mother didn't treat you right?

Grinch (speaking0: Wha- ... Momma? Absotively posolutely! That's a lot of rot!

The Cat:in the Hat (speaking): of the most difficult patients i ever had, I'm gonna have to make a house call.

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