Sally's Brother is a character and the narrator in The Cat in the Hat. He is shown with his little sister, Sally and in the movie he is the son of Joan Walden. On the books from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, and the PlayStation/GameBoy Advance game by NewKidCo, he has been given the name Conrad. In the The Cat in the Hat 2003 (film), his name is Conrad and he is portrayed by Spencer Breslin.

In the film, he is destructive and misbehaved twelve-year-old son. As a running gag, the Cat constantly calls him names other than Conrad.

Physical Appearance

Conrad had a tight, slightly wrinkled face, slick black hair. He usually wore a hat and a variety of dark coats, always buttoned up. They ranged from dark brown, to a dark green color. He also usually wore black gloves on his hand. He also usually wore black shoes, black shorts or pants and a blue, red or white shirt.


The boy's name was not revealed in the book because he's the narrator or in the cartoon because the credits don't list the characters' names. But in the film version, he was given the name Conrad.

He does not appear in The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!; instead, Nick appears. He does, however, appear in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.


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