Here Is The Lyrics Of The 2005 Version Of Biggest Blame Fool


Wicked Kangaroo: HORTON

Motherly Kangaroo: What Do You Think You Are Doing

Wicked Kangaroo: Why Are You Holding a clover

Horton: I Am An Elephant, And Elephants Always Know Why, It's A Curse Really, The Speck Was On My Head And I Looked Up, & Then I Noticed That The Speck Has A Face

Motherly Kangaroo: Horton

Wicked Kangaroo: Give Me The Clover Horton

Motherly Kangaroo: NOW

Horton: No!, No-oU? Ya.

Wicked Kangaroo: Are you sure you wanna fight this fight, Horton?

Motherly Kangaroo: Becuase I promise you will get very ugly very fast.

Wicked Kangaroo: And you need to ask yourself.

Motherly Kangaroo: Do I really worth put myself through this?

Wicked Kangaroo: For a clover?

Motherly Kangaroo: Take after me, Horton?

Wicked Kangaroo: You don't.

Motherly Kangaroo: So, hand it over.

Horton: No! I can't give it to you.

There're people on this speck.

Granted very small people.

But a person's person.

No matter how small.

Wicked Kangaroo: You just crossed the line, Horton.

Motherly Kangaroo: And I'm gonna make you pay.

Wicked Kangaroo: That Horton is threat us.

Motherly Kangaroo: He has those kids using their imaginations.

Wicked Kangaroo: It's sick.

Wicked Kangaroo & Motherly Kangaroo: Sour, Blue, & Green, We Got To Talk

Sour Kangaroo: What Is It mom and dad

Wicked Kangaroo: What is happening to the jungle of Nool?

Motherly Kangaroo: There once was a time when people were people.

Wicked Kangaroo: And specks were specks.

Motherly Kangaroo: All I say it you can't see it, hear it, or feel it it doesn't exist.

Wicked Kangaroo: Our way of life is under attack.

Motherly Kangaroo: And who's leading that attack?

Wicked Kangaroo: Horton!!

Motherly Kangaroo: Are we going to let troublemakers like Horton poison the minds of your brothers and sisters?

Blue Kangaroo: Not our siblings!!

Wicked Kangaroo: When Horton tells your brothers and sisters about worlds beyond the jungle,

Motherly Kangaroo: it makes them question authority.

Wicked Kangaroo: Which leads to the fires, which leads to shocking!!

Green Kangaroo: Yeah!! Horton must pay!!

Sour Kangaroo: It's that speck!!

Blue Kangaroo: We have to do something!

Green Kangaroo: - For our Siblings! Sour Kangaroo: - For our siblings!

Motherly Kangaroo & Wicked Kangaroo: Are we going to let him get away with this?

Sour Kangaroo, Blue Kangaroo & Green Kangaroo: No!!!


Humpf! ... Humpfed a voice.

'Twas a sour kangaroo


And Another

And the young kangaroo in her pouch said:





Why that speck is as small as the head of a pin.


A person on that?


Why there never has been!

(They laugh derisively)


You're the biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool

And I don't care who I tell.


The biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool,


And I think so as well!


Maybe I'm nasty


maybe I'm cruel


But you're the biggest blame fool


In the Jungle of Nool.


It's true. Please believe me! I tell you sincerely

My ears are quite keen and I heard him quite clearly

I know there's a person down there. And what's more,

Quite likely there's two.

Even three.

Even four!

Blue Kangaroo: Uh Oh, It Did Not Work

Green Kangaroo: Don't Worry, I Know Who Will Help Us, (Whistles), The Wickersham Brothers

Sour Kangaroo: They Are The Wickersham Brothers

Orange Wickersham: That's Right, We Are The Wickersham Brothers

Green Kangaroo: We Need Your Help

Sour Kangaroo: Horton Became Obsessed With A Speck And He Thinks That There Are Little People Living Inside It

Blue Kangaroo: Are You Here To Help Us

Blue Wickersham: Yes We Are Here To Help You

(The Kangaroos & Wickershams huddle together)

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