Swomee-Swans, Humming-Fish, and the Bar-ba-loots
Performer: Chris Renaud
Appeared in: The Lorax

Bar-ba-loots are bear-like creatures that live in the forest filled with Truffula Trees. In the movie, while they appear dangerous and intimidating, they are really just harmless and innocent creatures. And apparently very light weight, as Chet and Brett tried playing football with one. The Once-ler begins to form a type of friendship with the Bar-ba-loots, even nicknaming one of them. But when his Thneed business grows, he quickly forgets them and destroys the trees that provided them fruit. When they leave with the animals (including the Once-ler's mule Melvin), it hurts the Once-ler, helping him realize the damage he has done.

Notable Bar-ba-loots


Lou or The Fat Bar-ba-loot (appears in the film) is a biggest Bar-ba-loot in the Truffula Valley. He's often seen lagging behind the group. In the Blu-ray combo pack, he is featured among with Pipsqueak in Wagon Ho, which is when he and Pip are having a joyride on the Once-Ler's wagon, and Serenade, which is when he tried to win the heart of a pretty female bar-ba-loot.


Barbaloot right


Pipsqueak (appears in the film) is one of the smallest Bar-ba-loots in the Truffula Valley. He was first seen with the other creatures trying to go up against the Once-ler after he throws dangerous items at them. When one of the bar-ba-loots jumps to attack the Once-ler, with the Once-Ler shielding himself with a bag of marshmallows, and rips the bag apart, causing it to rain marshmallows; he eats the marshmallows along with the other creatures, then he smiles at the Once-ler with marshmallow teeth. When the Lorax appears and asks the Once-Ler if he chopped down the tree; he quickly points the finger at Pipsqueak even though he's clearly too small to even hold an axe. At the end of the Once-ler's flashback, he leaves the Truffula Valley along with the other creatures feeling disappointed at the Once-ler and even refusing the marshmallow. In the Blu-ray combo pack, Pipsqueak is featured in all three of the mini movies, alongside with Lou in Wagon Ho! and Serenade, and he was with the Lorax copying his moves and runs away screaming at the thought of looking like the Lorax when he's older in Forces of Nature. He also gains a love a interest in Serenade. During How Bad Can I Be?, the Once-ler refers to him as a "puppy".


  • Pipsqueak seems to be the Lorax and the Once-ler's favorite creature in all of the Truffula Valley.
  • In the movie, the Bar-ba-loots are shown to have a fondness for marshmallows. Lou is also seen eating butter.
  • Pipsqueak's name means small.
  • The Once-Ler's mother referred to them as bears.
  • In the Blu-ray combo pack, if you go to the makings of the mini-movies, the cast who worked with the movie reveals that The Fat Bar-ba-loot's name is Lou