Shake that bottom line

Aunt Grizelda is one of the Once-ler's Family, and The Once-ler, Brett, and Chet's aunt.


Aunt Grizelda is quite short and pretty round. She has curly ginger hair, brown eyes, pink skin, and wears a purple dress with matching shoes, throw, and hat.


She is shown to be rather mean, obnoxious, argumentative, opprobrious, hateful, frustrated, confrontational, vituperative, defamatory, uncaring, bossy, serious, rude, cruel, cunning, deceitful, and intimidating, as she growls a lot in her deep, gravelly voice.


She arrives in the flashback in The Lorax (film), along with the rest of the Once-ler's Family. The Lorax didn't like her fox stole and she called him a giant furry peanut, upon which he tried to fight her but the Once-ler stopped him and said "You wouldn't hit a woman?". The Lorax was surprised that Aunt Grizelda was a woman, and then the Once-ler introduced them. Later, when the family was cutting down the trees, the Lorax wanted to talk to the Once-ler, but Aunt Grizelda picked him up, shouted "Have a nice day!" and flung him away. She also appears in the "shake that bottom line" of How Bad Can I Be?, shaking her bottom that has a golden $ on it.

It is unknown where she is now, but she is probably either deceased, very old, or elsewhere.