When the Star bellied Sneetches discover that the non Star Bellied Sneetches have found a way into having stars on their bellies by the Star-on Machine, the Star bellied Sneetches start a meeting ranting on how the non star bellied Sneetches with stars are still the worst and they themselves are still the best. During the rant, the Sneetches are intervened by Slyvester McMonkey McBean on how they can rid their bellies away of the stars. They enter into the Star Off Machine to get their stars off, then they tell the other Sneetches (who just got their stars on) about Stars being out of fashion.


Dr. Seuss on the Loose (The Sneetches)

Abdominial Stars

Abdominial Stars



Now we know who is who, and there isn't a doubt

The Best kind of sneetches are sneetches without

The Old-fashioned custom of walking about.

The stars on your belly is O-U-T Out!

Abdominial Stars we cannot abide.

Abdominal Stars are Abominable.

Abdominial, Adominable.

Abdominial Stars are  Adominable.

O-U-T out,O-U-T out.

That old status symbol is O-U-T OUT!