A Sunny Buzzy Beezle Berry Day
A song from The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat when The Cat in the Hat (in a good mood) sings a song on the happy day he seems to be having and plans a happy picnic for himself outside at a park.


Oh, the bees are busy buzzing in the beezle berry vine,

While the beezle berry sweetnin in the good ole sunny shine

It's gonna be a sunny buzzy beezle berry day, a day when cats... put on fresh hats...

When cats put on their picnic hats and go outside to play!

Oh the leap frogs are a leapin and there're leapin mighty fine,

And there're beepin and a leapin in the good ole sunny shine

It's gonna be a beepin leapin moo-moo of a day. A buzzy berry...beezley berry lulu of a day!

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